Social network, human.

Other social networks do all they can to get you addicted.
We’re committed to fixing it.


  • One post a day

    You can post only once a day. Yes, that’s right. Kill the urge to post constantly and write meaningful messages to friends & family. Less is more.

  • One feed a day

    We don’t believe in real-time but in the right time. You get your daily feed at an hour of your choosing. You know the reading time in advance. Seize the day.

  • No stress

    We pledge to never ever create addictive triggers. No alerts. No badges. No updates. No reloading for more content. We’re a vitamin, not a painkiller.

  • No bubbles

    We don’t filter your content. We don’t hide things. We don’t show things to advance other people’s agenda. Your friends’ posts. Nothing else.

Join our beta, human.

Experience, humancopyleft

The mission statement.

Traditional user experience has failed us.

In the wrong hands, it resulted in mass surveillance, political polarization, and a global mental health catastrophe.

It doesn’t serve us anymore.

Let’s replace it with a human experience.

The human experience puts our health first. It favors meaningful content and interactions. It doesn’t strive for our attention. It doesn’t interrupt us. It respects our time and privacy. But it’s always there for us. It works on our terms.

The human experience doesn’t simply aim to makes things easy or fast. It makes our lives better. It builds true connections. It unites us. It keeps us sane. Isn’t that a worthy goal?

It’s time.

Join us and let’s create a human experience together.

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